We are a communication agency.

We create content to make actions with an impact visible and powerful.


Every day an unlimited amount of actions create a positive impact in the world.

Our mission is to make them more visible and powerful to make always more people take action.

We encourage everyone that is doing great work with a positive impact to the world to showcase it in the best way. People need to know what you are doing and to get inspired by your actions. This is important.


We heard the saying 'Everybody was born with a talent'. We believe everyone was born at least with two. We empower people working at and with pluswhat agency to find their plus what talent, in order to further develop our uniqueness as individuals and organizations, while inspiring other to the same.

We work with everyone, big or small

We have a charity and we know what it takes to commit to a cause.  During our daily engagement in our charity, wedowe, we have created our own projects that had an impact in the world around us, sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger and worked with the most diverse organizations around the world with their own projects and initiatives.


wedowe is the community behind the pluswhat agency. By working with us, you become part of it, joining  an international, diverse and exciting group of individuals who like to make people take action. We support each other's activities, share our networks and get together to get things done! More about wedowe: wedowe.org


wedowe website and re-branding
The Peace Culture Festival
A pop-up event to make people take action on consumerism in the clothing industry.
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Our team is made up of a group dedicated to making the best content&choices. Every. Single. Day.

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"Upon discovering pluswhat, I knew they we're the right choice."
-Vivian Kim
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