With a good campaign you make impact.

Occasionally you want to make something extra as a brand. That really stands out. These are often the times when you reach new people, outside your regular 'fanbase'.

If you want to make your message known to the widest possible audience, a campaign is the ideal solution. Simply a campaign is a (short) period in which a specific theme is discussed. The message was told several times and on different channels, both online and offline. This requires good planning and a clear strategy.


There are many types of campaigns. It is therefore important to first determine what you want to achieve with the message. This can for example be brand awareness, also called awareness, but you can also expect the target group to do something with your brand. A campaign with this goal is called an activation. In addition, a campaign is of course also a way to get people closer to you and to be more intensively involved with your brand. More impact and more involvement.

If it is clear what the purpose of the message is, the campaign can be made. In this the consumer is always central. It is therefore important to always deliver relevant content in the right context.

At pluswhat we take care of all facets of the campaign: strategy, creation, media and insights.

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