Community management

With community management, you stay in touch with your followers.

Community management is the final step in the content process. Starting with the strategy, via creation to distribution, community management is a closing point and at the same time a measure for the content created. When we start working for a customer, we draw up a (monthly) content calendar. This makes it clear to the customer when he can expect which content.


At the moment that content is published - on social media or elsewhere - the community manager is the right person to see what happens to this. He checks whether content is doing well online, and decides whether additional advertising budget may be needed.

If necessary, he enters the conversation with the community. In that case, the community manager plays a role within webcare, which is an important aspect of their online strategy for many brands. Once a month (or a week, if it suits you better), the community manager makes an extensive report. For this we have a number of useful tools, which are used to measure and analyze all content. This way we get the best out of the content time after time.


Thanks to these reports and discussions, the community manager is the crucial link between a brand and its fans. That's what he is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: a community manager has an always on mentality. He is continuously working on what is happening in the target group and constantly monitors what is being said about the brand and what current topics are playing (which creation may be able to jump into).

At pluswhat we employ several community managers, each of whom has their own customers. They manage the communities and let them grow - that's an art in itself. Community management requires a feeling for people, for brands and for systematic working, but also for creative thinking about content creation.


The media strategy is not something you determine quickly afterwards, but is ideally already included in the concept phase of your content. The channel choice has its effect on the creative choices that have to be made. Put simply, a video made for Facebook is different than a pre-roll for YouTube. And if a target influencer follows the target group, then the concept must also be adjusted to that person.

At pluswhat we take care of the distribution of content where possible. We have a very dedicated media department for this, which in our experience often yields the best results. Firstly, because creation and distribution are increasingly related. Our media people can quickly switch with creation and create content that is based on feasible opportunities and the wishes of the target group.

Secondly, we can also take into account the turnover rate of content. This is often short, and then it is nice if content is scheduled and optimized, without first calling on a third (media) party. After all, this of course also has repercussions on the costs: no extra media party reduces overhead.

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