Content strategy

Thinking before you go.

You think up a good content strategy before you start making. Because you can come up with such nice content, if it does not suit your target group, then it will not be appreciated. It is therefore important that you offer content in the right way, on the right channel and with the right tone of voice.


Developing a clear content strategy helps with this. Working from measurable objectives, researching the target group and creating an overview. These are all aspects that are addressed in a good strategy. A necessary part of content marketing, because by determining the objectives in advance, you can measure at a later stage whether you are achieving the right results.


At pluswhat, we set up a content strategy according to a self-developed system that offers support and guidance in the process of creation. One aspect of this is that we create content pillars that ensure that the content always meets the needs of the consumer. We also use a content calendar, which shows the most important starting points of the strategy in an orderly manner and in which the content to be produced stands.

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