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Content marketing on social media and own channels.

With information that is always available for everyone, good content (and thus the use of content marketing) is more important than ever before. Today, consumers no longer want to be exposed to unsolicited advertising and are themselves more and more actively looking for information to share or like.


Until recently, paid media was a must, nowadays brands can turn to more creative ways to share their message. Instead of merely placing ads, you can also create content that really appeals to the target audience.

In addition to the fact that the correct use of content marketing ensures a good reputation for your brand, another advantage is that the results are immediately measurable. You immediately see whether the content you have placed is really what the consumer wants to see. You can then respond immediately.

Of course, this does not mean that paid media has disappeared into the background. Certainly not. The paid, owned and earned categories are still in effect. In the case of content marketing, they are even inextricably linked.

Think of an online video or another piece of content that is posted on Facebook and then advertised. The Facebook page can be seen as owned (or at least 'leased'), the organic range and the engagement as earned, and the range for which payment is paid is of course paid.


In content marketing, it is especially important that you offer content that the target group looks for and experiences as relevant. In this way you as a brand can deliver a great added value for the consumer and build a bond with fans.

Content marketing is therefore giving valuable information with the aim of better customer loyalty, better brand reputation and of course generating more leads. The customer, and not the brand, is central in this.

At pluswhat we help brands with content marketing. We do this on the basis of a fixed process: we start by explaining a solid content strategy, then we create content. These can be (animated) videos, blogs, Facebook posts or tweets. For all content we also think about the distribution and the content is placed, then we also help with community management. On social media, or other owned channels.

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