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Social media is an important part of the content marketing mix. At pluswhat we are not only a broad content marketing agency, but also a social media agency. We have knowledge of all channels: from Facebook to Instagram, from YouTube to Snapchat. Whichever platform your target audience uses: we know how to publish catchy content on it. For this we work in a number of steps: first we draw up a social media strategy, then we look at the social content we can develop and let go of our community managers after the placement. This process roughly corresponds to the steps we follow for content marketing. Yet a number of things on social media are different.


For example, the social proposition is an important part: we look at why the target group follows your brand on social media and why the target group listens to what you have to say. This may be because you are an expert in a specific field and always offer useful information, or because your content is simply entertaining. Another reason is to get in touch with you quickly: they use the social media channel for customer service. There is a good chance that the target group has other reasons to visit your website than to follow your Facebook page. So we take this into account.


We also distinguish a different tone of voice on social media than on other channels, and also a different identity. The questions: "How do you behave on social media?" And "Which personality comes out?" Are important here. An old wisdom reads: "Always be yourself." That is certainly valuable advice, but you always behave differently in daily life on different occasions. Similarly online: in an e-mail the tone of voice is different than on Facebook.

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