Content distribution

With content distribution you create your reach.

An important aspect of content marketing is the use of media. This can be social advertising, native advertising or even influencer advertising (also called: influencer marketing). Paid media is needed, because you can make such beautiful content: if it does not reach the target group, you have made every effort for nothing.

We distribute online content distribution in three parts: social advertising, native advertising and influencer marketing. We are happy to explain what we mean by this


Social advertising takes place when content placed and distributed on its own social channels is supported with advertising.

The advantage of social advertising is that your content is seen by people who do not follow your brand, but who are still reached via extensive targeting options. Platforms used for this are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


Besides social advertising, we often speak about native advertising. You work together with an existing media platform such as a blog that already serves your desired target group. Then this medium writes in its own tone of voice an article containing your message.

The advantage of native advertising is that it is more credible. You also achieve a wide range outside the social channels.


Besides channels, we also use other people. Influencers are what we call them. These are personalities with reach and influence within a certain target group. They sometimes have one specific topic in which they are thought leaders, but sometimes also make more general content.

Influencers often collaborate with brands, and then produce content that matches their own style.


The media strategy is not something you determine quickly afterwards, but is ideally already included in the concept phase of your content. The channel choice has its effect on the creative choices that have to be made. Put simply, a video made for Facebook is different than a pre-roll for YouTube. And if a target influencer follows the target group, then the concept must also be adjusted to that person.

At pluswhat we take care of the distribution of content where possible. We have a very dedicated media department for this, which in our experience often yields the best results. Firstly, because creation and distribution are increasingly related. Our media people can quickly switch with creation and create content that is based on feasible opportunities and the wishes of the target group.

Secondly, we can also take into account the turnover rate of content. This is often short, and then it is nice if content is scheduled and optimized, without first calling on a third (media) party. After all, this of course also has repercussions on the costs: no extra media party reduces overhead.

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