Types of videos

Social video, interactive video or branded video?

When you make a video, the previous creative process also determines the shape of the video being cast. Depending on the type, the video has a certain purpose, such as loading a brand, providing information about a company, selling something literally or explaining a product. For example, there is a how-to-video, in which a product is explained as in a manual, or a corporate video, which is simply a film in which the company presents itself.

Of course, different types of videos can also overlap. Think of a branded video and a how-to-video. This is a branded how-to-video; a brand movie in which instructions are given.

But such a form is not binding. This may be played with. Depending on the wishes, the goals and the resources, a video will be produced that perfectly fits the brand and the customer.

Below an overview of the (for us) most common types of videos.


Customers today do not want to get a commercial aftertaste when they see the video. In order to ensure that your brand gets attention, you will have to create content that the target audience wants to see, with a brand present in a subtle way. This is the most important aspect of branded video.


A video is now no longer a transmission device. On YouTube, Facebook and other platforms, videos can also be interactive. In this way, the viewer is challenged to actively watch, participate in the video and click on a certain link.


When a new product or a new tool is launched, it may be useful for the consumer to learn how to use it. You can easily explain this in a how-to-video. See it as a sort of visual manual. And it can be done in two ways: through a live-action video or animation.


Also on social media, text and photos are increasingly making way for video. What makes social video for Facebook interesting, for example, is that the video is played right away, so the target group is directly confronted with the message. As a brand, you immediately stand out with a good social video!


A talk show is excellent for giving information. This can be internal, for example a video to transfer professional knowledge to the staff. Talk shows can also be used externally to convey important messages in a comprehensible way or to discuss interesting topics.


With good corporate video you can show in a distinctive way what your company does and why that is special. The video can be used for internal use, but also to attract new customers, for example. Actually, a corporate video is a kind of business card, in a strong visual way.

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