Video creation

Video creation is the creative process before we go producing.

With video, it is not just a nice look. It is also important that the video actually achieves its goal. Which target group do you want to address with your video, what do you want to tell and which form fits in with this? Before we get started with the production of the video, we think about video creation.


In a way, the creative process of a video corresponds to that of visual or textual content. That's how we always start with a concept proposal. A global idea for a video arises at this moment, which is presented to the customer. If the concept is approved, we start with the concrete content: the script phase. Here we think about what we see and what we are going to tell. The tone of voice is then an important part; is it informal and light-hearted, or formal and serious?

In addition, the question also arises: when should the video be delivered? This is an essential question for a tight schedule. Sliding days are planned, but also matters such as audio editing, color correction and processing feedback are part of this.


When the video is finished, the distribution follows. As with content marketing, this plays an important role in video creation. Which channels or platforms choose to distribute the video? Tempting is to answer: as much as possible. The more range the better, after all, right? That is not entirely true. Focus on the main channels, taking into account two factors: is your target audience present on the channel and is your video seen here? If necessary, you can use advertising on it. We also think about that in the process of video creation.

And then the video is live and the number of views rises. This way your story is heard and seen by the target group. And then you have reached your goal.

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